Almond and Cashew Milk

Almond and Cashew Milk
A super dairy free alternative to milk, great for turmeric milk, hot chocolate, frothy de-caf's and I also use it in my cooking.
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  1. 1 cup of Almonds or Cashews
  2. Filtered water (to activate)
  3. Himalayan or Sea Salt
  4. Vanilla Extract (optional)
  1. Soak nuts and rinse (For times see my Activate Your Nuts Chart - see below for link).
  2. Place nuts with 2-3 cups (see notes) of filtered water and blend on high for 4 minutes.
  3. Use a nut bag and pour the nut milk through and squeeze any liquid out.
  4. Voila! Your nut milk is done (you may want to add some vanilla or cinnamon at this point).
  1. I like my nut milk thick and creamy, therefore I use only 2-3 cups of filtered water, depending what I'm making it for. If I am using it in pancakes I'll water it down more. If I having an indulgent de-caf which I do from time to time, or a hot chocolate then I only use 2 cups. You can use up to 4 cups of water if you need your nut milk to last longer.
How to Active Your Nuts!


5 thoughts on “Almond and Cashew Milk

  1. Bernice Kelly Reply

    Just wondering if the nut milk has a “best before ” date ?
    Thank you so much for inspiring me by sharing your journey.

    1. Admin Reply

      You can smell it if it’s ‘off’ just like normal milk, trust your instincts. However we usually use it within five days and that’s fine. Treat it like fresh milk! Thanks! Don’t forget to ‘Like’ our Facebook page for all updates!

  2. Joanne Robins Reply

    What else could l use ,l don’t have a nut bag

    1. Admin Reply

      You can also use muslin cloth, cheese cloth, fine mesh bags and possibly a coffee filter (if you’re in a real squeeze). Mel 🙂

    2. Admin Reply

      Macadamia milk is also delish, and you make it the same way as the almond milk but no need for sieving. You get all the goodness and no need for a nut bag! x

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