Interview with The Naked Butcher, Gary Hine

It was a fairly cold and wet morning when we made the drive from Perth’s southern suburbs up to the beautiful hills town of Mundaring. The Aboriginal name of the area ‘Mindah-lung’, said to mean ‘a high place on a high place’, was anglicised to become ‘Mundaring’. Mundaring is a pretty little place with some […]

Start the 9V9 Challenge – Sweep Your Gut, Detox, Improve your Energy

Click the link or pictures to sign up! At just $75, recipes, support group and 3 live calls from Helen hersef, this really is value for money! SIGN UP NOW! This isn’t your standard detox. We’re not asking you to cut anything out – just to add more of the good stuff in! 9 cups […]

Bring Back The Fat 2017 – Perth Interview with Christine Cronau

We caught up with Christine recently and had a wonderful chat about life and the Universe. We are very happy to hear that Christine is travelling to Perth and Adelaide this month to speak about a Low Carb High Fat lifestyle and we understand that has been fraught with controversy. Full details about these events […]

How and why you need to activate your nuts!

When moving over to a Paleo/ LCHF type diet, you may find yourself consuming a few more nuts and seeds than your previous diet. More than the handful you used to maybe have at Christmas anyhow. Especially if you like to bake the occasional treat, make crackers or make some delicious nut milk. Our bodies […]