Interview with The Naked Butcher, Gary Hine

It was a fairly cold and wet morning when we made the drive from Perth’s southern suburbs up to the beautiful hills town of Mundaring. The Aboriginal name of the area ‘Mindah-lung’, said to mean ‘a high place on a high place’, was anglicised to become ‘Mundaring’. Mundaring is a pretty little place with some […]

Start the 9V9 Challenge – Sweep Your Gut, Detox, Improve your Energy

Click the link or pictures to sign up! At just $75, recipes, support group and 3 live calls from Helen hersef, this really is value for money! SIGN UP NOW! This isn’t your standard detox. We’re not asking you to cut anything out – just to add more of the good stuff in! 9 cups […]

Bring Back The Fat 2017 – Perth Interview with Christine Cronau

We caught up with Christine recently and had a wonderful chat about life and the Universe. We are very happy to hear that Christine is travelling to Perth and Adelaide this month to speak about a Low Carb High Fat lifestyle and we understand that has been fraught with controversy. Full details about these events […]

Bendy’s Top Tips When Travelling on a Paleo Lifestyle

So it was with baited breath that I was dropped off by Mel at Perth airport for my first flight since becoming healthy again. It had been almost nine years since I’d flown anywhere. We’d arrived in WA when we migrated nearly ten years ago, and for the first two years, or so were happy […]

Don’t Be Taken In

One of the things we discovered on this journey is there are few you can trust out there in the big wide world. Some of the companies we buy food or cosmetics or cleaning products from are nothing short of charlatans, hiding behind glossy marketing and words like ’healthy’, ‘natural’ and even ‘organic’. For example, […]

Shredded Coconut & E220

Recently, whilst buying some shredded coconut in a well known supermarket, I just checked the ingredients as I always do for a bag of shredded coconut. It said; shredded coconut, E220. Hmm, sounds sus, so I got Bendy to look it up, especially the ‘E’ number. As there were only two ingredients, I wanted to know how […]

An Interview with the Inspirational Hament Chavda from Nature’s Harvest

 When I grew up I was besotted with Paul Weller and The Jam. Paul broke up The Jam to form The Style Council and I was a big fan of them too. They released an album called Our Favourite Shop. I loved the cover of the vinyl 12” disc. It featured Paul and his co-musician, […]

Have you seen Cereal Killers?

If you’ve never heard of him, Professor Tim Noakes used to be a competitive marathon runner and is on of the world’s top scientists as far as nutrition is concerned. He wrote a book called ‘The Lore of Running’ which became the long distance runner’s bible and is still held in high esteem today. It […]

A night out at Heirloom with Pete Evans

We’d been looking forward to this for a long time…an evening being waited on at Heirloom restaurant in Perth, where Pete Evans is executive chef, and the Head Chef is Jonathan Peacham. Feasting on five course plus canapés, celebrating seafood from the Eyre Peninsula, Australia’s seafood frontier. We arrived at about 5.30pm and joined friends at the […]

Interview with Michael Leen, the man behind Paleonnaise!

[slider id=’1484′ name=’Paleonnaise’ size=’full’]   It was a rainy, grey, overcast day when we trekked up into an industrial estate in deepest Bassendean to Fresh Frontier in Perth to meet Mike Leen , his wife, Donna and their two lovely children, Maddy and Jack. We are not usually fans of any ‘processed’ food and would […]

Where do I start?

  Today, you need to take a leap of faith; you have to believe you can do it. Having support is crucial to you taking the first steps to getting back that carefree, childlike, lighter, healthier you. If you have been sick for as long as you can remember you may be skeptical that changing […]

Interview with The Holistic Lifestyler

  So on a beautiful Friday Summer’s morning Mel and I made the trip from Perth down south to Bunbury, to meet up with someone we have held in high regard for some time, Dr Jeremy Princi, otherwise known as ‘The Holistic Lifestyler’. We’ve been fans for a while and wanted to know what made […]

Welcome to Paleonutter

Our blog is about our ongoing individual journeys to health and happiness. We are all different and have different beliefs and needs. If you haven’t already read our stories, then head on over to mine or Bendy’s stories by clicking here. We want our blog to inspire you to reach and maintain your optimum health […]