Dairy Free Ice-cream

Paleo Dairy Free, Sugar Free Ice-cream
An instant serve of delicious soft serve ice-cream in a flash!
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  1. Frozen Sliced Bananas (1 banana per serving) We freeze bananas that are overripe. Just peel and slice and freeze in ziplock bags.
  2. 1 Tbs of Almond/Cashew or Coconut Milk
  3. Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Bean
  1. Place all ingredients in a Thermomix, or high speed food processor, and pulse until nearly smooth and then blitz until creamy and resembles soft serve.
  2. Serve immediately.
  1. For Strawberry Ice-Cream add some chopped up frozen strawberries.
  2. For Chocolate Ice-Cream add a tablespoon of cacao.
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  1. Doreen Kyle Reply

    Hi Bendy and Mel,
    I eat this for breakfast if I’m not having steamed veg and poached eggs.
    Loving your page


    1. Admin Reply

      Thanks Doreen! X

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