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  1. Karen Lang Reply

    Hi guys,
    Been reading your posts for ages on the Paleo site, very impressed with your attitude and your “can do” mentality. I am from Perth but have been living in rural Victoria for four years now. Been slowly but surely switching to a Paleo lifestyle, with some hiccups along the way, “fatty liver” and now an upcoming gall bladder removal when I get back from Perth in April. Finding it hard to connect with a doctor who supports Paleo especially given my fatty liver and gall bladder stuff. Searching for a naturopath in this area to assist me.. Just purchased Primal Body Primal Mind book and will read that on my upcoming holiday back to Perth. You’ve really got me reading labels now…very disappointed in sukin as I have been using their skin care range thinking it was fine. Bugger! Keep up the good work and I look forward to more informative posts.

    1. Admin Reply

      Thanks Karen. Wishing you a speedy recovery. X

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