Mel’s Seaweed Crackers

Mel's Seaweed Crackers
Crispy nut free seaweed crackers plain enough to accompany any topping. I love my Fermented Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese on these. Great for a school or work lunch.
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  1. 3 Sheets of Yaki Nori (normally used for sushi) - Always check that Seaweed is the only ingredient.
  2. 1 Cup of Mixed Seeds (I like to have half a cup of sunflower seeds & half mixed with Sesame, Pepitas and Linseeds).
  3. 1 Large Organic & Free Range Egg.
  1. Place the Nori sheets into a blender and blend until small pieces.
  2. Add the seeds and blend until all the ingredients are mixed evenly. You may like a more rustic cracker, or blend for longer if you are after a smooth cracker.
  3. Add the egg until combined.
  4. Roll out between two pieces of parchment paper to the thickness of your desired cracker. I like this quite thin.
  5. Cut into squares and bake for around 20 mins at 150˚.
  1. Depending on your thickness of the cracker will determine how long they take to cook.
  2. The outside crackers seem to cook quicker, so I take those out, turn the middle crackers over and bake for another few mins.

Fermented Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese

7 thoughts on “Mel’s Seaweed Crackers

  1. Barb Reply

    Question: do you activate the seeds? Am making this afternoon and won’t be – will let you know how they go for me.
    Thanks for the wonderful website.

    1. Admin Reply

      Hi Barb, yes I do activate my seeds. I have a chart for how long they need soaking on My Pantry post. If I am making crackers sometimes I leave them over night and then use them wet. This works well if I am using just water to bind them.

      1. Barb Reply

        Thanks. The crackers were yummy. We don’t eat them much but I will activate next time.

        1. Admin Reply


  2. John Travolta Reply

    This post is Great , I’ve bookmarked it and shared on facebook. Thanks A lot

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  4. Harvey Huffines Reply

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