Nothing motivates you more than feeling good.

Waking up, refreshed, after a great night’s sleep, without a hangover and looking forward to the day.

A day without medication or stimulants to help you get through it.

Nothing motivates you more than compliments on how you’re looking from a friend.

Nothing motivates you more than fitting into jeans you haven’t worn in years and feeling comfortable.

All this is achievable.

But you need to know why you want to make these changes in your life. Why do you want to make lifestyle changes that will completely change the way you eat?

I’m often asked how the hell I can make all these changes and keep to them. How did I give up all those food groups and not fall off the wagon?

It sounds a massive achievement when you put it like that. How did I stop drinking caffeine, stop eating chocolate, desserts, ice cream, cereals, bread, potatoes, pasta, Mars bars, hot chips and pizza? How did I do it?

Sometimes I’m not that sure myself.

There were two main things I did though.

The first one was I told everyone. I told everyone I knew what I was doing. The chance of me falling off the wagon then was slim because everyone would think I was a loser and couldn’t stick to it.

The other thing was I made a list. My list.

I made a list of all the things living like this would improve for me, all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

I keep my list on a notes page on my mobile phone. But you can make a list on a piece of paper. Whatever works for you.

Here’s a few.

  • I’ll look better (I’ll look great!)
  • I’ll be less self-critical
  • I’ll feel I’ve accomplished something major
  • I’ll feel better physically and mentally
  • I’ll like myself more
  • I’ll be happier when I look in the mirror
  • I’ll be more assertive
  • I’ll have more success in life
  • I’ll feel well again
  • I’ll get better sleep
  • I’ll be more productive
  • I’ll live longer and that life will be better quality
  • I’ll have more strength
  • I’ll be able to encourage and lead others
  • I’ll have more energy
  • I’ll have more self-confidence
  • I’ll feel more in control.
  • I’ll enjoy my family more
  • I’ll use my time better
  • I’ll be able to play with my kids (and future grandkids)
  • I’ll get off my medication
  • I’ll earn more money
  • I’ll have healthier children
  • I’ll get in my old jeans
  • I’ll be a nicer person
  • I’ll be able to cope with my job again
  • I’ll feel like a spring lamb

So make your own list.

Get into the habit of looking at your list often, even twice a day. Look at it when you’re waiting to pick the kids up. Look at it when you’re in a queue in the supermarket.

Every time you’re at work and a birthday cake arrives, read your list.

Ask yourself why you’re doing this.

Ask yourself if the wheat belly sick feeling after that slice of cake is worth it?

I tell everyone what I do too. Everyone at work knows how I eat. So at work I can never cheat. The minute I let myself down they will jump all over me.

I went on a course this week and sat in a classroom every day for five days.

On each table was a bowl of Mentos lollies which were refilled every morning and afternoon. We had coffee breaks twice a day at least and lunch breaks.

I took my Paleo meal in the first day and it started a conversation (as nearly everyone else bought carb-laden food from the restaurant).

I told everyone I didn’t eat wheat, sugar, dairy, caffeine, processed food and legumes. I explained why and most of them thought I was great.

But it meant I could not let my guard down. I could not eat a single Mentos or I’d let myself slip.

I don’t think I’d have eaten one anyway but if I’d have been tempted this would have stopped me.

So I looked at my list and my list protected me.

So make a list.

Read it at bedtime. Read it before you go grocery shopping. Read it when you wake up.

You wanted this lifestyle. You can have it.


Be a Paleonutter.