This year give yourself the gift of the now. Be present this year and enjoy the moment.

often-the-best-gift-you-can-give-yourself-it-time-alone-some-time-to-ask-your-questions-and-listen-quietly-for-answerThis time of the year we are bombarded with healthy eating regimes promising to help us drop the pounds in a number of weeks. Or a gym membership that will get you where you want to be at half the price and images of a perfect body on every magazine with stories about how you can look like the model on the front cover.

Arrghh! It makes me so mad that just because we have started a new year we need to place so much stress on our shoulders and try and re-invent ourselves. Basically, all of these New Year resolutions are just highlighting where you failed the year before.

So what do I need to do to move forward? Raise your standards, and you’ll raise your goal and achieve them. Not sure what I’m talking about? Watch Tony Robbins talk you through it.

Start with your why? Why are you deciding to eat this way? Why do you want to lose weight? Make sure you are setting ‘goals’ for the right reasons, your health and longevity.

Stop reaching for that ultimate goal in an unrealistic timeframe. Imagine and visualise where you’d like to be in six months or a year, or even two years. These things take time to slowly realise your goals.

Create a vision board and set new habits. As humans we are evolving and changing every day, our goals will change, as will our thought processes and attitudes towards things as we gather new information. So what I’m trying to say is, don’t set yourself up for failure this year.

Think big, and I mean: think huge, humongous hairy dreams, maybe seeing yourself in a new job, relationship or a different place in the world. See yourself as successful, magnificent and happy.

Pop these as pictures or words on your vision board, but try not to set a time limit. I’m all for manifesting dreams, in fact here in the Paleonutter household we are doing it all the time, but enjoy the moment and don’t forget to be present, enjoy the now and who you are now.

Celebrate how far you have already come in life, the lessons already learnt and choose happiness over fear, anger or upsets, especially if they are from the past. Let go of what doesn’t serve you, seek what you need now. Be in the present, because before long this time, the now, this chapter will be gone.

Enjoy the people in your life now, let go of the ones that pass through and have faith that they were meant to pass through. Express yourself but be authentic, be yourself and you will find happiness.img_9525

As I sat in my little garden, just enjoying all it has to offer, I saw a caterpillar, a small green caterpillar, and then nearby I saw a huge hairy caterpillar, and I thought about all the stages these two little creatures went through and will go through before becoming an amazing butterfly.

It’s great to have that end vision as the butterfly but what I really want you to take out of this is enjoy now, enjoy being the caterpillar also, enjoy riding the wave, enjoy the ride, enjoy your transformation and if it doesn’t happen straight away, be assured that it will. Does the caterpillar know or understand what transformations it will go through, or does it just live, go with the flow and end up there anyhow?

My favourite U2 quote is ‘We are running to stand still.’ That’s how I sometimes view our crazy world; we spend so much time running around to spend a little time to sit or stand still, and we are missing out on so much every day.

I found myself doing this last year, making endless lists, just to stress out about what was still on the list at the end of the day and I’d get up and make another one anyway. My job has taught me to be more present, as anyone who teaches, works in an office job or something similar that there is ALWAYS more work to be done, it can be never-ending.

Get done what NEEDS to be done, do it well (as my dear mum used to say, “If a job is worth doing, then it’s worth doing well”, and I agree, but afterwards, make time to be with loved ones, friends and family. Make time to breathe, to play, to learn, to laugh and to be you!

imagesIt’s like any practice, it will take time, it won’t happen overnight. If you’re anything like me, you will probably have years and years of habits to undo, and making new habits involves getting up and doing them every day. So this year ask yourself what’s the why behind the want and what habit can start to make it happen.

Children are great teachers, if we studied them more, we would be healthier and richer in all aspects of life. They play, question, are open to new ideas, new ways and they most of the time seem to be present. They play without worrying about who’s watching, or what other may think. They play make-believe, they dream big, and they are completely themselves.

The new year is a great time to start something new, explore a different career or go for something you have always wanted to do, we seem to get a little more confident and optimistic about the year ahead, as we close the door on the year we leave behind and walk through a new door of opportunities. But choose for you only, not because you think you should, or you have been told to because you won’t follow through. Start as you mean to go on and remember it takes at least 21 days of repetition to begin to make a new habit and lose an old one. You will have days where you will stuff up, who cares?

Learn from those experiences and move on. Enjoy life while it’s here, right now, today, because soon it’ll be just another chapter in your past that you will reflect upon and hopefully with fond memories.

Here’s to a healthier happier you! Today and every day!img_1923

2 thoughts on “This year give yourself the gift of the now. Be present this year and enjoy the moment.

  1. Marian Reply

    Beautiful words Mel.I meant to make this vision board as that’s twice I’ve come across it today.

    1. Admin Reply

      Thank you Marian. x

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