Where Do I Start?

So come with us and take the leap into the new you.

Come on, be a Paleonutter!


Today, you need to take a leap of faith; you have to believe you can do it.

Having support is crucial to you taking the first steps to getting back that carefree, childlike, lighter, healthier you.

If you have been sick for as long as you can remember you may be skeptical that changing the way you eat is really going to make that much difference? We know it can offer massive health benefits and there are so many people who, like Bendy and I, have stories about regaining their health.

When I was sick and I began reading about Paleo, the first question was where do I start? For me it was easy to not eat wheat, as this made me instantly sick. But I still missed bread, cakes, hot buttered toast, and pizza. I’d just had enough of feeling sore, lethargic, and like I had swallowed a beach ball for lunch.

So I was kind of ready to take the plunge, no more sore tummies, no more bloating, no more mind fog and being constantly tired.

If you are feeling like I did and you are reading this, then you are ready to take the next step. Lets get that childlike energy back again, so you feel light and buoyant. Walk into the lighter side and begin fuelling your body the right way for you, with good fats and plenty of wholesome organic veggies and good quality protein and a little organic fruit. It’s just real food, that’s it, its simple, uncomplicated and you can do this! But I understand when you have been eating a supermarket-based Western diet for so long it can seem overwhelming. It did for me.

So where to start…

At Paleonutter we aren’t just another web site saying cut out the junk, don’t touch the wheat or sugar and eat real food!

Bendy and I understand that for some of you, and I was one of you, we might as well be telling you to go and walk a mile on hot coals! When starting out in a whole food lifestyle it’s so easy to think about the foods you shouldn’t be eating, instead of focusing on the foods that you can. Indulge and explore new foods that you have never had before.

Head over to my ‘What’s in a Paleo Pantry’ to find a list of all the foods that you CAN eat. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Choose a few of your favourite foods and find a few recipes that cater for those, if you can’t yet find any on our new website then head over to Pete Evans Page or one of my favourite bloggers and recipe gurus, Jo Whitton, from Quirky Cooking.

The Bendy’s begun with easy to prepare salads. Go organic if you can, as supermarket fruit and vegetables have pesticides over them to prevent bugs eating them and organic tastes so much better.
When I make salads up I pre-pare prepare three days worth in one go. I put them straight on the plates, that way I find the lettuce stays crisp and doesn’t go soggy like when you make a huge bowl full. You can also cater for those fussy eaters in your household, like the ones that don’t like tomatoes or olives, or can’t have a certain food group like nightshades. And store them in the fridge. Then all you need to do when you get in from work is decide what protein goes on the plate. We will mix it up, hard-boiled eggs, fish, chicken or other meats. Drizzle with some Olive oil or other good fat dressing (there are lots of yummy dressings in Pete Evans Family Food book) but add this just before eating. Sprinkle nuts and seeds over and you have three easy to make whole food meals ready to go. Try adding some Kim Chi or sauerkraut on the side of your plate. A little at first, like a teaspoon. This is great for your gut health and tastes good too.

Make up a batch of Bendy’s Curry and at the weekend or your day off and that’s another day catered for where you don’t have to worry what you are having for dinner.

So, as I said before keep it simple, stupid. Don’t re invent the wheel, or have to make a meal that looks like it came from a five star restaurant. A simple roast dinner without the potatoes is a great family favourite that always goes down a treat. When my dad comes for dinner he misses his potatoes so I throw in a few sweet potatoes to roast and whip up some pureed cauliflower into a mash. That’s five easy meals without even looking. Then there’s always a ‘cook-up’ a Bendy favourite and one to have at any time of the day, or week. We have ours with eggs, bacon, greens, broccoli, mushrooms, chorizo sausage, spinach, kale, capsicum, what ever we have in the fridge or veggie garden to be honest, and always with some fermented veg on the side.


Support is crucial to success. Whether it’s from us, or a partner, a close friend or a work colleague, someone who gets what you are doing and why.

Maybe you can take this journey with someone also new to a Palaeolithic way of life. When I was forced to re-look at what I was putting in my body I had some friends who ‘got it’ and some who thought I was crazy and entering a cult.

Over time though, all of my close friends have adopted a whole food diet. Some were already ahead of me and some hadn’t even thought about it previously.

Instead of one of our coffee morning catch-ups with my friends, we now talk about who has tried the latest herbal tea. We learn from each other, new recipes, ideas and encouragement, so if you’re starting out on this lifestyle for the first time maybe get your husband, kids, or friends to join you.

It just makes the journey all the more rewarding. I laugh about how we now chat about our toilet habits and the latest bliss ball recipe, but recently we had a conversation about how our pantries have changed so much. We now have products in them that a few years ago we had never even heard of before. It’s so rewarding and of course you kind of get a bit evangelistic and feel like telling the world, so that I suppose is how Paleonutter came about. We are so passionate about spreading the word and helping people to have the best possible quality of life. But you can’t push it on people. You have to wait until they come to you. And come they will.

Type A or B?

Well, it seems there are type ‘A’ people and type ‘B’ people. Which one are you?

It seems some of us can just take the plunge, stop everything together and give it 100%, stop the wheat, grains, sugar, dairy, legumes, alcohol and caffeine. Bang!
A sure fast way to re-set your body. If this is you, (type A) then we at Paleonutter strongly suggest you head over to The Paleo Way and complete the Ten Week Activation Program designed by Pete Evans and his team. There is simply no other better way to start, where you are supported every day and there is so much information and science and great interviews to learn from, as well as hundred of Paleo recipes.

But you might be a ‘Type B’ person…

If you need to stop one thing at a time and get your head around it first, whilst you juggle work and life, then that’s what you should do.

Maybe cut out wheat first and see how you go then go on to cutting out the sugar or alcohol. Maybe when you’ve got your head and body around those changes, nip over to the Pete Evans Ten Week Activation Program and start to reset your whole body once you’ve got over all the adjustments you’ve already made.

You need to set yourself up for success and believe in yourself. Don’t forget we are here at Paleonutter or on Facebook to answer any questions and reassure you when you are having a bad day.

So come with us and take the leap into the new you.

Come on, be a Paleonutter!