Who says Paleo can”t be Quick & Easy? – Meet the guys from PALEO MEALS DIRECT.COM

Now we’ve always said we think of ourselves as ‘Metro-Paleo’ here at Paleonutter. Old fashioned values and lifestyle mixed up with 21st century living.

And whilst we won’t compromise our values it is great when you can rely on a bit of help on occasions.

                                                                                                                   That’s why we love what these guys at Paleo Meals Direct are doing.

‘Home cooked’ style Paleo meals and other products delivered via a great website direct to your door.

Whether you are a busy professional who eats these for every day or a busy family who has them in the freezer for an emergency day, these are great to be able to depend on when you’re time poor.

We met the guys behind the concept some time ago, Nigel Clifford and Nesh Sooriyan, and consider them friends now.

We’d like you to meet them too and find out what makes them tick. 

So do you each have a personal journey that has brought you here?

Nesh: Back in 2014 I was consulting and contracting on mining projects which meant long shifts of 13 hours or more. I was stressed and had put a lot of weight on from eating whatever was available, whenever time permitted. It wasn’t a very healthy way to live, so I decided something had to change. 

I knew that if I was ever going to be mentally and physically happy that I needed to take control of what I was putting into my body. I decided to try a Paleo diet, and used to prepare meals that I’d take up to site with me in an eski as an alternative to camp food, to help me stay on track while working.

It’s changed everything! I lost weight and felt better physically, but more importantly it drastically improved my sense of clarity and my mental well being. Focusing on what I eat allows my brain to be functioning at higher levels for longer without any fade in energy toward the end of the day.

Eating better has improved my personal relationships to, because I now have higher energy levels and I’m able to recover more quickly after work or stress. Ultimately Paleo and a healthy lifestyle have also become my passion and my career. 


Nigel: I started my Paleo journey back in March of 2014 for purely superficial reasons as part of an attempt to get ripped for the first time in my life. After experimenting with Tim Ferriss’ slow-carb diet for 6 months the previous year and getting nowhere I was then introduced to Mark Sisson’s book ‘The Primal Blueprint’ and tried Paleo for the first time. 


I was blown away by how much my entire physique changed in the space of just 45 days! 

But I was really blown away by how it affected every other aspect of my health. All of a sudden I could concentrate for hours on end, I wasn’t hungry all the time and suffering from mood swings, I was sleeping better and my skin started to glow and clear up for the first time in my life. I was also training better and was recovering quicker from exercise without the joint pain I’d been having before.

My whole life really did change because of the Paleo diet and I was overcome with a feeling of being in complete control of my overall health and physique.

So, guys, how did PMD all start?

Back in 2014 Nesh & I had both started our journeys with the Paleo diet and we would meet up every week or so to have tea and chat about all things health and business.

Then one day Nesh proposed the idea of the two of us doing an online store for biohacking products (think bulletproof coffee, MCT oil etc), and we thought that the Crossfit community would be a good target market for these kinds of products.

So I went off and interviewed a few different Crossfit Box owners & trainers about the idea. The response to the biohacking idea was luke warm at best, but because I was having such amazing results with the Paleo diet I couldn’t help but bring it up as well, and when every single one of the people I interviewed said “Yeah we love the Paleo way of eating, but it’s just so time consuming we have trouble sticking to it” I came back to Nesh with the idea of solving this problem for people instead.

And that was how Paleo Meals Direct was born. 

Was it hard to get things off the ground?
We had a lot of things go our way very early on that helped us get our start. We were able to secure a commercial kitchen right away, we had given out a few test samples to people for some feedback on our initial menu ideas and when we launched we had local Paleo Nutritionist Claire Yates (who was also an early advisor to us) endorse us on the Paleo in Perth Facebook group and we had orders from day 1. The Paleo community in Perth is quite strong and we’ve had a tremendous amount of support from everyone involved.

So who cooks the meals and designs the menus?
Our incredibly talented & passionate head chef Paolo Butto is the heart and soul of our menu and everything that goes into it. He sweats night and day in the kitchen to create consistently delicious meals for all our customers.

And who else do you have working for you in the background?
Behind the scenes we have all kinds of people keeping everything running smoothly. We have our logistics manager Michael who keeps track of all the stock and packs all the orders for us, we have our delivery driver George who makes sure all the orders arrive safely and on time, we have our kitchen hand Joshi who helps Paolo out in the kitchen with portioning and cleaning up, we have our team nutritionist Katie B who writes some great articles on all things nutrition, exercise and lifestyle and then we have a few other businesses that we work closely with on things like accounting and social media.

Where do you source your ingredients? screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-7-44-37-pm

When we first started we put a lot of effort into making sure we tracked down the best possible meat suppliers we could find in WA that would both meet our standards for Paleo eating and that would allow us to provide our meals at a cost effective price to our customers.

As of writing this we’re using;

Blackwood Valley – Grassfed, Certified Organic Beef

Killara – Open Range , Hormone Free, Pasture Raised Pork

Green Valley – Open Range, Hormone Free, Pasture Raised Lamb

Mount Barker – Free Range Hormone Free Chicken

We also source all our vegetables from local farmers markets to ensure the freshest produce possible and we’ve also started washing them in vinegar solution to help alleviate concerns people have with pesticide & herbicide residue.

We’d love to switch to fully organic vegetables one day, but for the time being the price point we would have to charge our customer if we did that is just too high at the moment.

So how does the concept work?screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-7-44-56-pm screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-7-44-07-pm


It’s pretty simple really, people just jump onto our website and select whichever meals, snacks, desserts etc that they’d like and we deliver it straight to their doorstep or office the next business day.

If people don’t want to pick and choose all their meals for the week then they can simply get one of our meal plans. We don’t lock people into any contracts so they can simply buy as they often as they like.

Some people use as their breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week, others just use us for lunches and others use us simply as a backup for when they can’t be bothered cooking or run out of time in the day. We deliver all our meals frozen so that people can use us flexibly like this and if they don’t eat the meals that week it’s no big deal as they have a 3 month frozen use by date.

We also cater to a variety of dietary restrictions like the Auto-Immune Protocol, Low FODMAP diet, GAPS protocol, Whole30 diet, Ketogenic Diet, Vegan, Vegetarian as well as catering to Athletes & general weight loss goals.

What are your personal favourites?

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-8-03-59-pm screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-8-04-53-pmThe Chipotle Pulled pork and the Tandoori Lamb are to die for. The aroma that fills up the kitchen when you reheat them is only topped by the taste you get when you take that first satisfying bite. This is making me hungry right now.

How do you see things growing in the future?

As a matter of fact we’ve just launched delivery in Sydney & Melbourne! So we’re really quite excited to see people jump on board there and if that’s a success we’ll expand into Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast next.

Are you seeing big changes in the way in which people eat nowadays?

We’re seeing a LOT of people with dietary restrictions and dietary related health conditions like Auto-Immune Disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes, Coeliac disease, Lactose Intolerance and many more turn to us as a way of coping with these new dietary restrictions they need to adhere to for health reasons.

Unfortunately this seems to be a growing trend as more and more people are getting these conditions after a lifetime of the standard western diet.

We’re very proud to be able to offer these people some relief and peace of mind in adjusting to what can be quite a restrictive diet change.  

As most people who follow Paleonutter know, we are massive Fremantle Dockers supporters….so, Freo or West Coast?

No comment ha ha!

Any tips for getting on board with Paleo and sticking to this way of life?
Make sure you get plenty of fat in your diet and never go shopping while you’re hungry. These are two golden rules to live by.

Guys, thanks so much for your time and all the work you put into helping others with this lifestyle.


You can find Paleo Meals Direct at www.paleomealsdirect.com


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